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We provide affordable gun design jewelry, watches, wallets, men's wallets, sunglasses, conceal carry handbags, conceal carry handbags with matching wallets, other unique handbags,  and special luxuries.  Merchandise supply's are limited. As of August, 2014, we are authorize Montana West  drop ship business retailer.

Our  small company only supports organizations that represent American citizens, and fundraises for their civil rights AND charities they love.

When you purchase our products, rest assure you partake in the pride to allow women the education, classes, and awareness to learn about firearms, and how not to be a victim of violence.  Furthermore, we get involve with local community charities, and your purchase allows us to have the finance to give away merchandise, and write monetary contributions.  LIKE our Facebook page and view all the products up close.  *We do not sell firearms*, but educate and provide information for a conceal carry weapon that will fit comfortably inside one of our unique handbags.  And one more important reason to purchase from us; you purchase our merchandise, you earn value customer points!  When purchases reach over a certain amount, you will be awarded a BONUS STAR LEVEL. A Star Level will award you a discount off any future purchases!   One price, below retail, and your order will be on its way as soon as the order is processed. Shipping added. Order takes two-three days to process and ship out, depending on weather conditions.  Welcome, and shop today! All sales final. Refunds/exchanges non applicable.

Chief Executive Officer,

Miss Jones

Legacys Little Luxuries LLC .

Legacys Little Luxuries LLC

               *Legacys Little Luxuries LLC*

                                                                                 SUPPORTS & SPONSORS

                                       Armed Mommy

A dedicated Facebook page growing with fans and supporters who believe every woman can train, educate and learn to use and carry a firearm. Check out her contest today! One hard working lady! Deadline is April 1, 2014!  Merchandise prize packaged sponsored by Legacys Little Luxuries LLC. All rights reserved.  3/4/14

  We Sponsored a  Conceal Carry handbag FOR

                              Eagle Valley Outfitters-The Official Site on Facebook


        Legacys Little Luxuries LLC Donated A Gift Purse to

 Bay County Womens Center in Bay City, Michigan for a raffle prize.  Raising funds to help provide shelter/food/clothing for women seeking  safe shelter, legal counsel,  and Build Confidence to leave their abusers.  February 2014

Before We started Our business we were fundraising for Michigan Moms Against Gun Control and raised Over $200.00

              October-Dec 2013

WINNER is Sara!



Michigan Gun Rights

Continues Throughout 2014

April 2014

Prize Package

Sponsored by Legacys Little luxuries LLC for

One Million Mothers for Gun Rights

winner is below-package set to the Bishops.  4/21/14

Felicia B

Photo submission

5/2/14 Loves her purse!!

May 2014.

Sponsored fundraise packages

for 2 Million Bikers To DC and donated over $100 in cash to their cause.


Debbie 6/9/14

ALL of 2013-I raised funds by selling purses, jewelry and watches for Relay For Life in Michigan. The idea was born to start my own business, yet, I still raised big bucks for charity and not one dollar was profited; only to restock and continue throughout the year.  Hard work, dedication and met a lot of people. Now, my business is official, and I continue to fundraise for people/organizations  who need assistance in 2014!!

Paid for someone to bake a cake for fundraise

I was awarded a green polo shirt for the first $1,000 I raised selling my products.

AUGUST 24,2014